Finally Mine - Book Three - Anna Scott

Finally Mine - Book Three

By Anna Scott

  • Release Date: 2018-10-24
  • Genre: Contemporary


Double Standard My Ass! Hot Alpha Biker? Too damn bad. I am a badass biker babe extraordinaire and Chase better figure that out quick or I will walk. The Maker's of Peace Motorcycle Club is my family. They're all I know, but I about to leave it all behind and find my own Happily Ever After. 
Chase's past keeps slapping Ainsley in the face, but when the ghosts from her past rise up, jealousy and tempters flare and two stubborn as hell childhood friends turned lovers put it all on the line for love. 
Fleming County, Kentucky will be a tiny speck in her rear-view mirror. She'll leave the MC life and make her own dreams come true. 
So what, they've been friends most of their lives. So what, he's the only man she's ever loved, the only man who's ever touched her. She can go to college anywhere. She can find love again - right?
Chase is terrified he's taken things too far. Is he ready? Can he keep her safe? Why does he feel like something is coming? Something he can' t control? Something he can't protect her from?
Chase's own insecurities plague him, threatening everything he holds dear. He is determined to hold on, to keep it all together.

Until it all falls apart.

This is the third book in the Finally Mine Series by Anna Scott.