Finally Mine - Book Two - Anna Scott

Finally Mine - Book Two

By Anna Scott

  • Release Date: 2018-10-26
  • Genre: Contemporary


He's claimed his woman.

She's got the man of her dreams.

The story ends there - right? 

Nothing is that easy - Chase and Ainsley may be happy, they may be settled, it takes less than a week for them to see their mistake. 

What happens when you mix serious alpha badass with sassy MC princess? You know some fireworks are about to go off.

Ainsley can't handle what Chase has in his past. 

Chase's guilt and worry make him hold on too tight, so tight, he is about to lose the only woman he's ever wanted.

They may have known each other all their lives, but that doesn't mean they know how to get along. 

Get ready for a lot of hot and some seriously raunchy. 

Who doesn't love an alpha who knows what he wants and will stop at nothing to keep it? 

The day Ainsley was born her dad, Dave - a.k.a. Mountain, the President of the Makers of Peace Motorcycle Club - laid her in Chase’s arms. Chase was the son of Mountain’s best friend and brother in the club. From that day forward, Chase knew Ainsley was his, but would he be able to wait to claim her?
Growing up in the MC world, Ainsley saw a lot but was protected from it at the same time. She’d had a crush on Chase Hill for as long as she could remember; but the night of her thirteenth birthday, something happens to change it all. 
Now, finally an adult, Ainsley is ready to quit. She's got to get out, to get away from her family, her town and the one guy who doesn't want her. If she doesn't leave, she'll die the only virgin of the MC.
Chase has grown up and claimed his rightful place as a brother of the club, and now, it's time to claim his girl. Will he get to her in time before she changes it all for good? 
He's been fighting for her for six long years. This time, he won't stand down, no matter what his president says, no matter what she says. 
He better be ready for the fight of his life.

This is the second book in the Finally Mine Series by Anna Scott.